20 March 2010

Zone review : Mulgore.

As many of you from the blogging community, I just created a new alt on Argent Dawn (EU) to join SAN. Someone suggested thats all bloggers used this opportunity to write a leveling guide (can't remember where I saw this, sorry!), and I must admit the idea seems pretty good. But as Wugan from Flow is already writing a nice leveling guide for shamans , I thought I could write zone reviews instead. I don't pretend to be exhaustive, I'll just write about the zones I visit while leveling. I won't describe all the quests in each zone either, but I'm going to list the particularities of the zone : at which level to go there, what are the attraction points, which quest you absolutely don't want to miss because the reward is so awesome, etc.

Welcome to Mulgore !

As I never leveled a Tauren until level 10, I thought it would be a good change to go and quest in Mulgore. The zone is pretty and relaxing, AND I am a herbalist. Everybody knows there are lots of flowers in Mulgore.

The good level to go in Mulgore is 5 or 6, when you've finished with the beginner zone. Beware, since the mobs in the beginner zone are now non-aggressive, you might be tempted to just go to your quest objective without killing them. But if you reach the next zone without being level 5 the following could be difficult.

Mulgore quests will then bring you to level 10-11.

For these quests you'll have to feed a dog, and kill beast and humanoids (you should be able to collect a fair amount of leather or cloth if you're tailor or skinner).

Most of the beasts you need to kill are just wandering around wildly in Mulgore. It can be a bit boring sometimes to have to run between the wolfs who all want to eat you until you finally find the last bird you need to kill.

Arrachea The quest you don't want to miss is Rite of Vision , especially if you're a leather wearer. The following will reward you with your first green item \o/. To get your awesome new pants though, you'll need to kill a very big kodo. And you'll better wait until you're level 9, or, better, level 10, to do the quest. The mob has a lot of hp, and hit pretty hard for his level. He wandered in a large zone east of Thunder Bluff, so you'll first have to find him. Then, I highly suggest you to attack him in a safe zone. If you pull aggro on other beast from the area, you'll have a hard time killing him.

There is also a quest giver wandering on the road between Bloodhoof village and the Barrens. Don't forget this quest !

By now, you should be ready to go to the next leveling zone. Generally, it'll be the Barrens. But I'll bring you to the Ghostlands next time !

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