16 March 2010

Single Abstract Noun

I joined for a week now the blogging community guild created by Kumquat alias the The Artist Formerly Known as Tamarind from Righteous Orbs.

At first, I didn't know what class to choose. I already have at least one alt of each class. Finally, I choose a troll shaman, Zahiou (Zahia was already taken grrr !)

Did you know you could jump directly from the Valley of Trials to Ratchet ?

My first impression when I joined is that the guild is actually very nice. Each time I log in many members are online, and most of them are very chatty. As i often level my alts in ghost guilds, having actually an active guild chat is nice ! Even if I don't participate a lot in the chat yet. It's my first time on an English server, and it's like discovering the wow language again. It's a bit awkward not knowing anymore how to say "Hello" or "Good bye" to the guild. In my french guild I'd often say "Plop" (or even "poulpe"1) and "A +", but I'm not sure you'd understand.

Levelling a new alt on a new server is a kind of new experience too. Money-wise it's ok (thanks to the bags from the guild bank !). But levelling without any Bind on Account gear is another story. I thought levelling had became easy since a few patches, but the awesome Bind on Account gear had a lot to do with this impression.

Despite my full grey set and having found myself at 1% xp from level 10 with only one red quest left, I managed to hit level 12, and went to the Ghostland to get the awesome gear you find there. But yesterday, I finally transferred a forgotten alt who had Bind on Account Shoulders (shame on me !) and could craft Mooncloth Bags.

(1) Poulpe is the french word for octopus. In french servers we sometimes use french words that have about the same pronunciation as the specific wow or English name (but generally a completely different meaning). Like for example Poule (= chicken) instead of Pull, or Boeuf (= cow) instead of buff. Here Poulpe is used to replace plop.


  1. Plop !
    Welcome to Single Abstract Noun !
    French blogger here, blogging in English like you, and Kinie, troll shaman in SAN.

    You should not be shy on guild chat, people are very friendly and don't mind stupid questions, it often leads to interesting or totally silly discussions...

    See you on AD. :)

  2. What the heck is Plop ! And what does A+ stand for?

  3. "A +" stand for "A plus tard" = see you later.
    "Plop!" is a bit hard to explain. It's something you can say instead of Hello in gchat. I always supposed it came from the sound a rock make when thrown in the water, but I'll check and see if there is another meaning.

    @Nefernet : I get better every day ! I just need to get used to the in game english language.

  4. I'm curious about this too, I just started playing on a French server to try and recall some of the language I learned in high school, and I am completely stumped by what plop means.

    I've found that they say "gg" instead of "gratz", and ++ seems like a common way of saying "me too/moi aussi", but those might just be my guild/server specifically.

  5. Plop is juste like hello.
    You're right for gg (it stands for Good Game, but I'm pretty sure nobody still knows what it means).
    In my server ++ is like A +, and means "See you later", but it may depends on the server.
    Generally we use +1 for "I aggree", but I was once on a server where it was used for many unrelated things. Like "Say +1 if you want to be teleported to the instance", or "Healers, say +1"

    Anyway, this blog has changed address and can now be found at http://onemorealt.com, if you want some more recent updates :)