27 April 2010

Shortest Shared Topic ever !

For this week's Shared Topic, Deyndor from Swift Retribution asked what we are doing when our raid is cancelled. He! What do you think I'm doing when my raid is cancelled ? I play an alt of course!

Salade lyonnaiseIf I still haven't had diner, my hubby and me love cooking something good, like lasagna or a "salade lyonnaise" (lettuce with bacon cubes, croutons and a poached egg), and taking our time to have diner while watching a movie. But more often we only know about that after we already had hasty diner. So, as I hate daylies and I'm not fond of doing the same heroics for the hundreth time, I pick one of my alt for the night. And if I don't want to play any of my alts, I just create a new one!

And you, what are you doing when your raid is cancelled ?


  1. Hmm, lately my raids seem to be cancelled more often than they happen - so I suddenly find myself having lots of alts. I feel like I should farm emblems or honour or gold on my 80s, but somehow I still always end up making a new char instead :P

    There is something special about gearing up your new alt I guess :)

  2. What I love the most about creating new alts is the beginning, when you choose your appearance, your class, your professions... I don't like that much the gearing process when hitting 80. It was ok in TBC when gearing alts meant doing Karazhan every week. Now it's just farming the same heroic instances (normal instances if you're a tank) again and again. And again.