25 February 2010

Where all of this begin...

I hate writing the first post of a blog. This blog is created for a few days, I have some articles almost ready to be published, but I still don't have a first post.

But today I finally have the inspiration. I was visiting Looking for More and find this post that reminds me of my early stages in World of Warcraft. I wanted to post a comment to share my own experience, but then I realise it could take an entire blog post as it was quite something.

What a stupid game !

I suppose you guessed it by now, my boyfriend made me play wow more than 3 years ago. When we met, I didn't play video games at all, apart from this windows game where you have to find where the bombs are hidden without clicking on them (I don't know the English name of the game sorry!). I played once a car race game, and it took me 20 minutes to finish the race, instead of the 3-5 minutes it takes normally !

My boyfriend was playing wow since the release. At this time, he played a mage in a raiding guild and was doing AQ and Naxxramas. One night I was his place as he was raiding, and he suggested I tried playing. In the middle of a fight against an giant and ugly insect (I hate insects), he let me seat in his chair and explain me how to play :

"It's easy : you just need to type "2" all the time."

Well it took me at least 1 minute to understand that I actually add to smash the button all the time, and that I couldn't just let my finger rest on it. And after another minute, I let him back on his chair, and I was totally sure this game was completely stupid.

After that, I made a internship in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. For those of you who don't know, it's a little french island 30 minutes away with a ferry boat from Newfoundland with a ferry boat. And I discovered about everyone in there was playing wow. I suppose they were bored, being stuck in this small island with 7000 inhabitants. The important is that at the coffee break, everyone spoke about World of Warcraft. I was quite surprised as the first time I heard of this game was 1 month ago from my boyfriend ! They explained me the game wasn't just about smashing 2, but that it was also about role play. And that there was a lot of girls playing. I suspect they spoke about the female characters, and not the female gamers. But the important is that when I come back in France, I didn't see wow as a completely-stupid-game-where-you-just-smash-the-same-button-all-the-time anymore.

And after seeing my boyfriend playing a few more time, I was really wishing to try again !

Learning to walk...

So my boyfriend gave me the old account of his brother, installed wow on my laptop, and I created my first character. He choose the class for me ("What is the easiest class to play when you know absolutely nothing about video games ?"), and I end up with a human mage named Titiyette (his mage was named Titiyet, I didn't have any inspiration for a name either). And I began (slowly) to become familiar with the game. It was hard. I first had to learn how to move. I took me at least 40 lvl, and yet strafing was something far too difficult for me. I discovered than if I have to press 1 many times to cast many frostbolts, if I right-click many times I'll stop auto-attacking... And many other things most of us are doing naturally were soooo difficult for me.

After a few levels, my boyfriend found out that mage was too difficult for me, and suggest I played a rogue instead. As he made a priest to level with me, I accepted, and my first character to lvl 60 is born. It was long, and I would have give up a few time if he hadn't helped me with one of his alts.

And now I'm there, at the head of an army of alts. Some of them are 80, some of them will get there some day, some will stay at their low level forever, but I love them all, and I won't leave them !

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